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...“I know,” she’d answer solemnly. “He is in pain. We know him and can see it, but the doctor looks at his chart and says he sleeps so much that he can’t possibly be in pain. Read more →

...Somehow, that word made me grind my teeth. My loved ones were not a patch of land. They were not a house. They were not an object. Yet the term “caretaker” brought such images to mind. Read more →

Dear MH: Your grandma is fortunate to have you as her advocate. Not everyone has someone so dedicated. I believe you’ll feel better if you understand that the advocates who compile recommended criteria are taking a broad view. In general, not taking the time... Read more →

If we were proactive, we’ve already discussed the choices for living arrangements our loved ones would have made for themselves under differing circumstances, however many people haven’t done... Read more →

As time goes by and our loved ones’ care needs mount, we find ourselves spread thinner and thinner. Eventually, we are forced to admit that we can’t raise our families, work our jobs, care for ourselves and provide full-time hands-on care over the long term. So, we regretfully... Read more →

Managing your dad’s Alzheimer's at home is enough of a challenge without the distraction of incontinence, but incontinence is part of most types of dementia. While I can't change that, I can give you some suggestions that might help make life easier for you.... Read more →

know what it is to reek of different rubs — some herbal, some commercial — in order to function. I know what it is to tell my mother that I was fine even though she could see that my eyes were barely focusing. Even then, most of the time, I did carry on. Read more →

Dear HG: I’m sorry about your dad’s declining health. I, too, can understand your mom’s desire to do something special for Father’s Day, yet I agree that she’s being unrealistic. She can be forgiven... Read more →

Dear KS: This is such a hard situation yet a common one. When older people grow attached to a caregiver who then must leave, the experience just adds to the heap of losses that most have already endured. My family saw this with my uncle’s... Read more →

...Mention some exciting new upgrades to in-home bathrooms that are actually good for everyone’s safety. Then, turn the conversation elsewhere. Read more →