...As with nearly everything that has to do with caregiving, there is no guarantee that you, as a friend, will always do the right thing. Don’t feel guilty if you’ve neglected your friend Read more →

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...They had already weeded out many of their belongings in the first move, but there was still so much to be done. Each of my loved ones made their last moves to a nursing home, which meant there was very limited space for furniture. We donated Read more →

These days, having an aging loved one move in is still an option for some families, but it has become more complicated. Multigenerational living can have serious implications, and there are a number of factors that are often overlooked that must be taken into consideration Read more →

Dear SL: You’re smart to have recognized that counseling could help you cope with the effects of your childhood. It’s obvious, too, that you’re kind since you want to see your dad well cared for even under these difficult circumstances. He’s fortunate... Read more →

...You'll never be who you were prior to caregiving, but would you want to be? You can leave a legacy through caregiving. And, though it may take time and some inner work, you should come to an acceptable normal where you can feel pride in your growth as a person and Read more →

Not Everyone Is Cut Out to Be a Caregiver

...Just because someone decides against personally providing total care to a loved one doesn’t necessarily constitute indifference or abandonment. Many will visit, arrange other sources of care, handle financial issues, monitor their parents’ health and advocate for them. In actuality, they are providing a degree of care, Read more →

...Furthermore, gaining an understanding of difficult conditions like dementia, stroke and urinary tract infections (UTIs) will help you avoid misconstruing symptoms as intentional slights or manipulation. Read more →