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If you and your parents have frequent, casual conversations about options as they age, you’ll have an easier time with the transition than if you leave the topic until there’s a crisis. Read more →

The Instinct to Protect: While many caregivers come to terms with the fact that we can’t make our loved ones completely healthy again, we still want to be the person who provides care and safeguards their wellbeing. This protective instinct is powerful and hard to overcome. Read more →

Dear Gloomy Suz: I’m sorry for what’s happened to your parents and for your own understandable struggle. Two parents who need care at the same time is difficult, and your mom’s poor prognosis must color each day that you have together. Read more →

Since my elders didn’t live with me, I had some time most evenings to use ice and/or heat. I had time to read a good book — my best form of relaxation. I had my children to go home to, even though they too needed care, but that was different: Read more →

Dear KE: My condolences to you on your dad’s passing. It’s hard on most of us when a parent dies and so often we adult children are not allowed time to grieve our own loss because we are so wrapped up in consoling the remaining parent. Read more →

Dear WG: It’s gratifying to hear about the attention that you’re paying your aunt and your concern for her welfare. Having pleasurable work or a hobby that we love is wonderful for mental health as we age, as well as for keeping the brain nimble. Read more →

For many, music from certain eras can bring back memories of better times. For others, music soothes anxiety or gets them pumped up for a workout. When it comes to people living with dementia, music can help in all of those ways, but it can also help cognition. Read more →

We are giving an unknown person access to not only our property but to the safety of our loved one who may need care while we are not able to supervise. Choosing the right person or company should be done methodically, and education can help you ask the right questions. Read more →