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or the study, controls were used, of course, and you can read an excellent article about this study on "Alzheimer's and the effects of singing" if you choose to examine it further. Read more →

It’s human to want a fresh start. Even though I know that December 31 of one year is rarely that different from January 1 of the next, I greet each New Year’s Day as a new beginning. I can’t explain it, but the first day of January always gives me a psychological boost, be it ever so brief. Read more →

The number of elders for whom I provided primary family care was in excess of average, but the people who have cared for a combination of parents, in-laws, and often a spouse, are legion. Much of this caregiving happens in tandem, so that, for example, after one parent passes the other parent falls apart. Read more →

Dear Laughing Daughter: Caregiving can have many joys and rewards but let's be realistic – it can also be exhausting, difficult, and sometimes down right grim. My feeling is that any time we can find a reason to laugh at circumstances we probably should. Read more →

Depending on where Mom is in her mind on that particular day, the Christmas tree may bring back wonderful memories or it could bring back that childhood horror. The gathering of loving relatives may seem familiar Read more →

Is it really that important if the order for the fruit try got lost and you end up just grabbing a fresh pineapple? Will the world end if the intended recipient of the errant package opens a box that contains a bag of cookies and an IOU for the gift that will arrive late? Read more →

Dear Stunned: First, let me congratulate you on being such a fine granddaughter. Your compassion would be laudable at any age but from your note, I’m assuming that you are still quite young. Your grandmother was right. You’ve grown up beautifully. Read more →

...We accept our attitude as valid. We may wish circumstances were different than they are, but if our reality is that we feel blue or even depressed rather than cheerful, well that is how we feel. No need for guilt or explanations. Read more →

...They often come with their advice about how you could handle your time better, do more for Mom and better manage Dad’s medications. They’ll dole out their veiled (or not so veiled) criticism of how you are managing your parents’ finances, maintaining the house, handling activities of daily living and more. Read more →