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hese days, having an aging loved one move in is still an option for some families, but it has become more complicated. Multigenerational living can have serious implications, and there are a number of factors that are often overlooked that must be taken into consideration first... Read more →

In my experience, I’ve found that it isn’t always seniors who avoid talking about death. Some do, of course, but many of our aging loved ones would like to discuss the legal and financial arrangements they’ve made, as well as their preferences for end-of-life care... Read more →

Dear TL: Something that is often missed in caregiving discussions is the substantial time it takes to do the administrative work involved with providing care. Just working with the facilities and the insurance companies is a lot. Add your elders’ medical care management, the trips to the clinics, tracking the medications and questioning those where necessary, getting the bills and taxes... Read more →

An in-home caregiver’s best efforts are often met with anger (or even abuse) dished out by the elder they are supposed to be helping. It is crucial for the family and hired caregiver(s) to determine the underlying reason for a senior’s lack of cooperation and find ways to remedy the situation... Read more →

While MIA siblings are the overwhelming norm, some families have very different experiences. This article offers a glimpse into another perspective on caregiving: that oft-maligned long-distance siblings may actually be excluded by primary caregivers... Read more →

...The hospice staff kindly but firmly rejected my plan. Their chaplain handled informing Mom of the change to Dad’s care plan, and she was included in the services they offered. Of course, they were right to do this. It was painful for everyone involved, but these wonderful people walked us through each step. Read more →

When siblings begin emphasizing cost reduction strategies and encouraging the provision of unpaid care, primary caregivers usually reach an unfortunate realization: these family members are not interested in what is best for their parents... Read more →

Dad is now alone in this house. He gets even more "thrifty," and doesn't want anyone coming to mow the yard. He's a bit paranoid, and doesn't want to pay a housekeeper, so the place is filthy. Electrical outlets are old and overloaded. Plumbing barely works and doesn't get fixed. You try to help... Read more →

Dear EL: This is the right move for both your mom and your grandma. It sounds like you are helping but few women your mom’s age can safely care for a much older adult long-term. Your grandma’s personality sounds difficult to live with though even a positive person can feel negative Read more →

Few people realize that widely advertised brands may not be what they need. Sure, these provide bulk to absorb some urine, but premium brands like Egosan will perform far better, with Egosan being the leader. The reason is advanced technology... Read more →