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While menopause just as menstruation can cause real emotional and physical problems for some women, most will weather both natural processes quite well. There is a lot of science surrounding menopause, so updating your physician, or even seeing a specialist if symptoms are troublesome, is important. Read more →

Your loved one will sense that you are angry, tense or frustrated from how you move and the way you assist with dressing, feeding or changing a pad. If you are tense or angry, take a moment alone, out... Read more →

Dear TR: You and your husband have my deepest sympathy for his poor health as well as for the distress his grown children are causing. Your husband’s decision is allowing for the reality of his illness and his dignity as a human being. While his children have a right to their religious beliefs Read more →

Men often blame irritability in a woman as “that time of the month,” referring to menstruation, or on menopause if the woman is older, and sadly, women often perpetuate this type of thinking out of habit. Read more →

Dear CF: Thank you for recognizing the contributions of this lovely neighbor, both for what she does for your mom in terms of favors as well as for their shared, longtime friendship. I’m sure having her there so often with your mom is a relief for you, as well. Read more →

When caregiving mode begins, the first things to go are the time, energy and desire to maintain social connections. Even close friendships that go back years can seem like yet another item on a caregiver’s never-ending to-do list. Read more →

Sometimes the dynamics between caregiver and care recipient have been deeply ingrained for many years. If your parent or spouse has always been the dominating personality in your relationship, it is likely that their behavior will only worsen as they get older and their health declines. Read more →

The only way to deal with this stigma is to work toward educating ourselves and others through awareness efforts. The hope is that with time, the public as well as those who are personally affected by incontinence can understand that while inconvenient, incontinence can be dealt with. What causes urinary incontinence... Read more →

Dear Mom's Helper: Dementia of any kind makes nearly every aspect of self-care and caregiving by others much harder to manage. Your mother's fortunate to have you in her corner.Some of these devices that collect urine can be helpful, as seems to be the case with your dad, but yes, there is the upkeep that is necessary for health and safety. Since your dad wants to be... Read more →

Dear Dad’s protector: I hear you. It’s scary to watch an older person take off on a bike let alone on skis. While accidents happen to young people as well, they are less likely to break bones and if they do, they are far less likely to be permanently disable or even die from the injury. Read more →