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Dear KB: You and other caregivers are facing impossible choices, now, and it’s a heartbreaking situation with no clear answers. You recognize that someone like your mom shouldn’t be alone, but every choice you look at is risky. It’s not enough Read more →

You sound like a caring daughter with understandable concerns. If it’s any comfort, parents resisting help is a common problem faced by adult children. For some, the concern is about cognitive problems, which thankfully isn’t Read more →

Dear JTR: Your story is heartbreaking. No child should have to grow up as you did, but we know that it happens all too often. You didn’t say if you’d sought counseling so that you could work toward your own emotional healing, but if you haven’t I will suggest that upfront. Read more →

While your loved one’s overwhelmingly negative attitude is certainly frustrating, it’s important to understand that a person’s real and perceived levels of independence and control over their life are forever changed when they begin needing a caregiver’s help. Read more →

As with so many things regarding our aging parents, you could consider how you are approaching your mom. You might think that you are doing so with compassion and gentleness, but it’s possible that your frustration is showing. Read more →

...Ask yourself if they are having problems in other areas, such as remembering to pay their bills or step-by-step work such as following a recipe. This might provide you with more insight. Read more →

“My mom is 81 and lives alone in her condo,” Judy Hanson writes. “Her arthritis is painful, but she gets around with a walker. Her mind is okay for now, though she is sometimes forgetful. I also feel that she is lonely. “I’m worried about her safety and have been telling her for several years that she needs help,” she continues. “I’m not proud to say that I’ve stooped to yelling at her, but I have done it. Read more →

Dear Scared: This must be not only distressing for you but as your signature tells us, scary. I’m so sorry that you’re going through such a hard time. Your Dad's behavior change could stem from any number of things, but they will all need medical intervention Read more →

Dear Resentful Wife: My condolences about the tough patch you and your husband are going through. From reading your last sentence, I’ve gathered that you know that parental caregiving can present considerable challenges to many marriages. Still, that offers little comfort to you. Read more →

Dear PR: Your parents aren’t alone in coming to a sudden recognition about the need for having the right documents in place for this extraordinary time. They may have refused in the past, fearing as many do that acknowledging Read more →