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...People receiving the news are aware that the diagnosed person’s mind will gradually be destroyed even though the body could live for years. The diagnosed person may think, why bother? Read more →

...You didn’t ask to be put in a situation where you have little chance to work on fulfilling even the simplest of your own dreams. Yet, the situation presented itself and you stepped up to the plate. Read more →

...Likely, had I not insisted on the personal alarm that I placed around his neck daily, Joe would have died alone after one of the falls from which I rescued him - many due to alcohol. Would Joe have preferred assisted living to that kind of death? Knowing Joe, probably not. Read more →

...Did we do the right thing by “saving” her from what was once called “the old person’s friend?” Once again there’s no right or wrong answer. Today, I know that I would not Read more →

...As you throw yourself into each of your roles, you’ll likely need to start trimming your obligations since even the most determined person has yet to find a way to add hours to a day. Read more →

Dear DM: Your parents are fortunate to have good health and some options for their future housing. You could be right that they should move, but this is a highly emotional topic. They know and love their home  Read more →

...The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is an excellent resource for issues around senior driving and convincing those with dementia to give up their car keys. Their list includes: Read more →

...Most of us have daily/weekly/monthly routines we carry out with and for our loved ones. Regularly evaluating and updating these routines can have a huge impact on the amount of time and effort Read more →

...There was no struggle to remember the past or determine what to do in the future. According to the article, most of the participants leave the theater with a refreshed feeling of accomplishment. Read more →

...“For a patient to be admitted to a program using a diagnosis of dementia, Medicare requires that we are more specific than typical hospice requirements involving a six-month life expectancy,” says Fields Lawler. Most programs use Read more →