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Most aging people have some of these issues. It’s a matter of degree. A diagnosis is required to determine if AD or another type of dementia is present. Also, people can display symptoms that appear to be dementia of some type, but may be caused by something else, such as medications... Read more →

The National Institutes of Health says that some types of dementia can be stopped or reversed with treatment. Normal pressure... Read more →

Could changing what we eat alter the proteins that may cause degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's? An international group of researchers has found preliminary evidence suggesting this may be so. Read more →

Your friend may have turned down your invitations, but don’t drop her from your list. She still needs to know that people care. It may be that her situation is so emotionally and physically overwhelming... Read more →

The confidence that you gain from this type of resource can inspire you to stay strong in what you know, and these connections will keep you learning. Additionally, if... Read more →

I... may not always understand the meaning of your words, but I know what you are saying. I can read your jerky body language, the impatient tone of your voice, and your irritated facial expressions. Although you may tell me nice things, Read more →

What it means to me for Matt to have Alzheimer's and need my care is, it is the most heartbreaking journey to watch your spouse deteriorate... Read more →

I’m not suggesting that we can’t have a time of self-pity, however wallowing in self-pity too long keeps us stuck in negativity. Read more →

Sometimes inhibitions and filters that previously held people back diminish with the disease. Read more →

Well-meaning people often don’t know what to offer, so they say and do nothing. Instead, simply ask your friend if she’d like company. If she wants you to drop by, ask her whether she’d... Read more →