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What it means to me for Matt to have Alzheimer's and need my care is, it is the most heartbreaking journey to watch your spouse deteriorate... Read more →

I’m not suggesting that we can’t have a time of self-pity, however wallowing in self-pity too long keeps us stuck in negativity. Read more →

Sometimes inhibitions and filters that previously held people back diminish with the disease. Read more →

Well-meaning people often don’t know what to offer, so they say and do nothing. Instead, simply ask your friend if she’d like company. If she wants you to drop by, ask her whether she’d... Read more →

...You are told what you can and cannot watch on TV. This is life from your loved one’s point of view. Yes, you as a caregiver must control these issues and more. However, thinking about how you would feel if the situation were reversed can make you a better caregiver. Read more →

When we do this, we don’t argue if they say that they haven’t eaten all day even though lunch was an hour ago. We just say, “Really? Then we’d better get you a snack.” Read more →

We don’t trust outsiders to provide the loving care that we do. We are motivated by love. Right or wrong, we feel that for them it’s just a job. Read more →

Your loved one will sense that you are angry, tense or frustrated from how you move and the way you assist with dressing, feeding or changing a pad. If you are tense or angry, take a moment alone, out... Read more →

One strong point of almost everyone’s personality, is whether or not independence or safety is of primary importance. Some elders feel better when everything is extra safe, while others would rather take some risk Read more →

Learning to listen to the meaning behind your loved one’s words is vital. For example, when your loved one says... Read more →