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Dear GT: This is a challenging spot for an older person to be in but choices like this might be even tougher for adult children to come to terms with. The fact is, while you and your siblings want the best for your dad, what “best” means for your dad is up to him. Read more →

As with so many things regarding our aging parents, you could consider how you are approaching your mom. You might think that you are doing so with compassion and gentleness, but it’s possible that your frustration is showing. Read more →

...Ask yourself if they are having problems in other areas, such as remembering to pay their bills or step-by-step work such as following a recipe. This might provide you with more insight. Read more →

...survey found that 44% of Americans aged 60 or older either suffer from incontinence or know someone who does, with females suffering from incontinence slightly more frequently than men.” Read more →

Dear GT: Letters like yours remind me daily of the heartbreak that caregivers and the people they love are facing now because of COVID-19. Sadly, it could still take some time before all facilities can safely allow people from the outside. Read more →

Dear RE: I’m sorry that you and your dad are having trouble communicating after his stroke. This is common, but that doesn’t make it easier. My uncle had similar problems, so I do have some understanding of how you’re feeling. Read more →

...Shirts are available in short and long sleeve versions for men, and long sleeves for women. MagnaReady® shirts can be used as adaptive clothing for people with disabilities or limited mobility, or anyone else who appreciates easy dressing. Read more →

DEAR ROGER: You have every right to feel what you are feeling. Go ahead and be angry. Admit that you’re exhausted, frustrated and frightened. If you’re mad at God, you may want to talk with your spiritual leader for guidance. However, in my opinion, that’s okay. God’s big enough to handle it. Read more →

My uncle had similar problems, so I do have some understanding of how you’re feeling. Because of my uncle’s stroke, he developed what’s called expressive aphasia. This disorder causes people to have trouble finding the correct word Read more →