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...Even if they are leaving an older, deteriorating home for a sparkling new assisted living facility, they are leaving behind a good deal of their past. This move symbolizes an acknowledgement that their independence is fleeting. Read more →

There was no time to fully contemplate the far-reaching implications of Dad’s abrupt change in health. Hard decisions had to be made and there was so much to be done that we couldn’t have anticipated... Read more →

Dear HD: I’m so sorry to hear about the tough way your dad’s life is ending. I’ve seen enough long, slow deaths in my own life to recognize your deep and confusing grief which will include a longing for relief for both of you. These feelings are all perfectly natural. Though I’m not a big fan of labels sometimes Read more →

Whether a person living with Alzheimer's has lived in a home for a lifetime or makes a transition to a new home or a care home isn’t likely to make much difference when it comes to this question. Expert theories about what the person really means... Read more →

I rushed to the nurse who was in charge of his floor at the nursing home. She explained they had called the doctor, but the doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong. The Physician's Assistant would visit Dad that day, on her rounds. Meanwhile, I was sickened by his agony and my inability to help him. I tried my best to comfort him but felt powerless... Read more →

"I may not always understand the meaning of your words but I know what you are saying. I can read your jerky body language, the impatient tone of your voice, and your irritated facial expressions. Although you may tell me..." Read more →

Human skin is not meant to withstand close contact with urine-saturated briefs for extended periods of time. When bowel incontinence is also an issue, the chance of skin reactions increases even further. How do people prevent skin irritation and even serious rashes when they need to wear incontinence products? With careful attention to detail... Read more →

Few people realize that widely advertised brands may not be what they need. Sure, these provide bulk to absorb some urine, but premium brands like Egosan will perform far better, with Egosan being the leader. The reason is advanced technology... Read more →

They are frustrated and need to vent about getting old, living with chronic pain, losing friends, forgetting things, being incontinent—all of the undignified things that can happen to us as we age. They turn on the person who shows their love by trying to take care of them because, on a gut level, they trust that this caring person won’t leave them... Read more →

However, humans are human and what is easy enough to write in a list can be difficult to put into practice. The result? incontinence does affect many of those living with diabetes... Read more →