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Human skin is not meant to withstand close contact with urine-saturated briefs for extended periods of time. When bowel incontinence is also an issue, the chance of skin reactions increases even further. How do people prevent skin irritation and even serious rashes when they need to wear incontinence products? With careful attention to detail... Read more →

Few people realize that widely advertised brands may not be what they need. Sure, these provide bulk to absorb some urine, but premium brands like Egosan will perform far better, with Egosan being the leader. The reason is advanced technology... Read more →

They are frustrated and need to vent about getting old, living with chronic pain, losing friends, forgetting things, being incontinent—all of the undignified things that can happen to us as we age. They turn on the person who shows their love by trying to take care of them because, on a gut level, they trust that this caring person won’t leave them... Read more →

However, humans are human and what is easy enough to write in a list can be difficult to put into practice. The result? incontinence does affect many of those living with diabetes... Read more →

One day years ago, my son was coming out of a severe asthma attack and resting in his room when my mother’s medical alert system went off. The dispatcher called to have me go to her apartment to check on her, and I was immediately faced with a difficult decision. “Can I leave Adam?” ... Read more →

As I try out ideas on my GrandPad demo I’m continually thinking that my newspaper column readers should know more about this device. Now you will... Read more →

... Although it may become increasingly difficult or impossible to engage in two-way communication as we age, our desire for interpersonal connections remains. Read more →

"She took my sweater!" Victoria says. "I saw her. She stole it! That woman took the sweater my mother made for me!" But did someone actually steal Victoria's sweater, or is dementia stealing her mind? Victoria... Read more →

f incontinence is part of your daily caregiving life, know that you’re not alone. It affects 25 million Americans—men and women alike—and 200 million worldwide (according to the... Read more →

...The ADvance II Study is researching the use of a surgically implanted device that delivers mild electrical pulses to specific areas of the brain in people with Alzheimer’s. This deep brain stimulation (known as DBS) will be given to the fornix, a place in the brain that plays a central role in memory. The ADvance II Study will involve about 210 people Read more →