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Dear MJ: My heart is with you as you cope with the changes that life is demanding of you. Even with all you face, you took the time to kindly mention my column, so thank you for that! Since nearly all of us have something to be grateful for, I encourage gratitude as a way to cope with adversity. Gratitude doesn’t ignore our pain or challenges... Read more →

... Regardless of whether the parents have been living in the same town for 50 years or they relocated within the last decade, it’s safe to say that they have put down roots in this place. They have formed Read more →

...You can carry on the tradition this year and run yourself ragged all winter trying to make a holiday miracle happen, or you can drop the perfect fantasy and lose the caregiver guilt. Read more →

...Deep issues remained between Nancy and her mother, however. Most notably, her mom would not admit to having been abusive. Nancy was willing to work toward Read more →

...There was no time to fully contemplate the far-reaching implications of Dad’s abrupt change in health. Hard decisions had to be made and there was so much to be done that we couldn’t have anticipated. Read more →

...If you believe that an aging parent, friend or neighbor may be feeling lonely or depressed, there are steps you can take to help lift their spirits. You are probably busy adapting Read more →

...All deaths leave behind days on the calendar that are particularly painful for loved ones. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, the births of children and grandchildren. All magnify the lack of presence of the deceased person. However, Thanksgiving, Christmas Read more →

Dear SK: My heart is with you. When someone we have cared for, and even sacrificed for, doesn’t recognize us for who we are in their lives, we are wounded. It feels like a negation of all that we’ve shared. How you handle Read more →

...People receiving the news are aware that the diagnosed person’s mind will gradually be destroyed even though the body could live for years. The diagnosed person may think, why bother? Read more →

...You didn’t ask to be put in a situation where you have little chance to work on fulfilling even the simplest of your own dreams. Yet, the situation presented itself and you stepped up to the plate. Read more →