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Dear PJ: I’m glad that you wrote to ask about this because remotes are a significant challenge for many older people. First, of course, there are systems like Amazon’s Alexa that are voice-controlled and can be set up for operating the TV. This may seem like an obvious answer, but not Read more →

“I didn’t know what I was doing,” Harris said. “You hear about national brands and expect them to perform but everyone was frustrated with the lack of quality that resulted in leakage and frequent changes. Lots of bed changes, too... Read more →

...The main decision most beneficiaries will have to make is whether they should enroll in Medicare Advantage or stay in Original Medicare and purchase gap coverage (i.e., a Medicare Supplement or ‘Medigap’) plan when it comes to their hospital and medical costs. There are two advantages and two disadvantages of Medicare Advantage plans, compared to Medicare Supplement plans... Read more →

Few people realize that widely advertised brands may not be what they need. Sure, these provide bulk to absorb some urine, but premium brands like Egosan will perform far better, with Egosan being the leader. The reason is advanced technology... Read more →

Middle-of-the-night bed changing due to incontinence problems gets old fast but what’s the solution? Egosan’s Hyper-absorbent X-Dry.... Read more →

...Each has its fans but it’s worth checking out both sites before making purchases. There are others of course, but these two stand out due to their long track record. Read more →

At that time, I had several other elders to care for as well as a son with chronic health problems. I didn’t have the time or energy to think of myself very often. Now, I look back and see that I didn’t do myself any favors. If I had a good friend going through what I experienced, I would offer them all the help I could. I would recognize... Read more →

As I try out ideas on my GrandPad demo I’m continually thinking that my newspaper column readers should know more about this device. Now you will... Read more →

..The ADvance II Study is researching the use of a surgically implanted device that delivers mild electrical pulses to specific areas of the brain in people with Alzheimer’s. This deep brain stimulation (known as DBS) will be given to the fornix, a place in the brain that plays a central role in memory. Read more →

...The ADvance II Study for mild Alzheimer’s disease is now enrolling patients. Study-related memory tests, physician exams,​ and laboratory tests will be provided at no cost. The surgery and device costs are approved for coverage by Medicare. Subjects will receive a stipend and be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with each study visit. Read more →