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...The ADvance II Study for mild Alzheimer’s disease is now enrolling patients. Study-related memory tests, physician exams,​ and laboratory tests will be provided at no cost. The surgery and device costs are approved for coverage by Medicare. Subjects will receive a stipend and be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with each study visit. Read more →

Yet, this company never rests on its past accomplishments. They’ve long recognized the challenge of nighttime incontinence so they’ve worked to develop the technology that can be a gamechanger for anyone who needs overnight incontinence protection... Read more →

You already know that arguing will not work with someone like your mom, nor will presenting logic. This is because her damaged brain has left her unable to process information correctly... Read more →

“Being 36 years old and having these issues hasn’t been easy, so I’m still trying to adapt to this new way of living, but I’m still self-conscious. I’m always worried when I’m out in public if people will notice I have a diaper on. Then there’s everything that comes..." Read more →

Please remember that I’m only providing information. Other than the Alzheimer’s stamp and the videos below, I’m not endorsing the products since I rarely do that, and I haven’t tried them. Read more →

However, the reality is that many adults will continue to live with incontinence. This wouldn’t be such a challenge if not for the stigma... Read more →

The suggestions above are all important however one additional step toward fall prevention that we rarely read about is the effect of hearing loss on balance... Read more →

... Sure, you can do that, but if you want to take advantage of the features available in many of today’s incontinence products, you’ll want to do a little – quick – preparation. Putting a properly fitting garment on yourself or someone else in the right way can make all the difference in how well the product performs. Read more →

That's okay in emergencies since everyone has to give in these cases, but not for the long-term. Caregiving nearly always involves juggling different roles... Read more →

For instance, if someone has cancer and they need emotional support, pain management, and stress relief they should be able to receive palliative care. In fact, palliative care began as a focus on helping cancer patients, though now it been expanded... Read more →