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...You are a human being who’d like some control over your own life. You didn’t ask to be put in a situation where you have little chance to work on fulfilling even the simplest of your own dreams. Yet, the situation Read more →

...The researchers stress, that solid conclusions can't be determined at this time because cognitive problems can cause people to withdraw, therefore placing them at higher risk for dementia, so they still aren't sure in all cases which came first - loneliness or dementia. Read more →

...He believes that people with dementia can live satisfying lives and continue to contribute to society long after their diagnosis. Zeisel feels strongly that the arts, Read more →

...We don't need to run marathons in order to benefit from exercise. Being moderately active can do the trick. Brisk walking, bicycling, swimming Read more →

...From there, Maureen went on to the topic of caregiver self-care. I told her that we go into caregiving - often just gradually providing a little care here and there - thinking this is short-term. For most people, the caregiving tasks increase and last much longer than anticipated. I now know that I should have taken better care of myself from the start but as the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. Read more →

...People with early stage Alzheimer's are living with Alzheimer's, not dying from it. In the later stages of the disease, those with Alzheimer's who are treated as whole human beings in positive environments can still give and receive great love, participate in activities Read more →

...Dementia aside, significant research has shown that having a supportive social network is linked with positive health outcomes, both psychological and physical, while lacking such support can be harmful. Previous studies have also suggested that loneliness itself can kill Read more →

... In reading “The Only Way Out,” I was especially taken with your advice about saying goodbye to your old life and letting go of what was before you can move on. This is a complicated process, and your book takes this on in depth Read more →

...Get rid of perfectionism. I know that I can be more stressed than I need to be simply because I think I have to do everything right now and do it perfectly. Likely you are similar. Read more →

...irst, I questioned Benjamin T. Mast, Ph.D., ABPP, who is a Board Certified Geropsychologist, for his thoughts. Dr. Mast is Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. He offers these suggestions: Read more →