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When this request for his "lost" college ring popped up, it evolved into a passion. It wasn't an idea he could be diverted from. I tried hard, as I knew we couldn't get him the graduation year he wanted... Read more →

Whether a person living with Alzheimer's has lived in a home for a lifetime or makes a transition to a new home or a care home isn’t likely to make much difference when it comes to this question. Expert theories about what the person really means... Read more →

My next thought was of Mom, in the bed next to Dad’s in the nursing home who simply couldn’t bear to watch. She had been unable to fully participate in Dad’s last hours due to her heavy pain medication, and she needed me with her. A curtain blocked Dad’s body... Read more →

Dear Dog Lover: The thought of your grandma having to give up her dog at this time brings tears to my eyes. This is her companion, her child, her barrier against loneliness. It seems so cruel. Yet, the reality is that many facilities won’t allow people to bring their dogs. This is partly because dogs need to be fed and let out, but also there... Read more →

...Still, this is an important question to ask. Even the best employees who dearly love their residents can only do so much. If they are run ragged trying to answer call lights, they are likely hard-pressed to provide excellent care overall. Read more →

Personality changes often happen with Alzheimer's disease, but memory loss generally presents a first clue that some changes in brain function are the underlying problem. With FTD, the person exhibits personality changes before... Read more →

"I may not always understand the meaning of your words but I know what you are saying. I can read your jerky body language, the impatient tone of your voice, and your irritated facial expressions. Although you may tell me..." Read more →

’s often true that the older we get, the more prescriptions we add to our medicine cabinets. And if you’re caring for a loved one who has trouble keeping track of these meds on their own, keeping them safe from the dangers of over-prescription can be bewildering. We asked for some guidance from geriatrician Leslie Kernisan, M.D... Read more →

Were my elders always thrilled about being in a nursing home? No. However, they did benefit in many ways, and frankly, there was no alternative choice. I'm simply grateful we had a fine facility so close by, one where I didn't have to fight to be part of the care team... Read more →

...You, along with most adult children, want to see your mother stay safe. Unfortunately, this logical and understandable viewpoint is running head-on into your mother’s also-understandable need to remain independent. So, what can you do? Read more →