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Furthermore, drowsiness generally corresponds to brain function slowing down, and that can persist into the next day, even when an older person is no longer feeling drowsy. Read more →

...But, some skilled nursing facilities have changed in recent years and are continuing to improve the care they provide. Personalized, resident-centered care has gained traction in most high-quality nursing homes and replaced the outdated one-size-fits-all approach. Read more →

Although there’s a long way to go before Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia are well understood, studies have shown that keeping the body and brain active throughout life may at least delay dementia symptoms. Happily, staying active is not all work. Hobbies can be healthy. Read more →

Caregivers are often isolated by the nature of their responsibilities. Some can’t leave home without arranging for someone to come and care for their loved one. Read more →

The benefits of relaxation, improved flexibility and mental focus can be considerable since the combination of these factors contributes to an overall sense of wellbeing. Read more →

Hullar said that if we turn the lights off, we tend to sway a bit more than we do when we can see. "This study suggests that opening your ears also gives you information about balance," he explained. Read more →

But aging parents aren’t the only family members on the move. Adult children are less likely to stay put in their hometowns, as well. Instead, they follow educational opportunities, jobs and significant others across the country and even around the world. Read more →

I told her what has formed, over a period of time, my personal rule on this very common problem. Read more →