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Dear TY: You’re right to be concerned since there are numerous reasons why an older adult may experience changes in how they walk or what doctors call our gait. This not only includes shuffling but ... Read more →

Dear LR: You sound like a caring daughter who is concerned about all aspects of her mom’s care, which is wonderful. Granted, the quality of her care, in general, is going to be your major concern, but what people call us often mirrors how they treat us. Read more →

One can be lonely in a marriage. One can be lonely in a crowd. It's all about the quality of the relationships. People living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes are often lonely. While they live among plenty of people, these are not the people they've built their life around. Read more →

Dear YT: I’m sorry about your mother’s poor health. She’s obviously a fighter to have survived so much. It makes sense that she wants to take charge of her own future so she can determine how much more she wants to continue to fight for what sounds... Read more →

...Shirts are available in short and long sleeve versions for men, and long sleeves for women. MagnaReady® shirts can be used as adaptive clothing for people with disabilities or limited mobility, or anyone else who appreciates easy dressing. Read more →

When you walk down the corridor at work or the aisles in your neighborhood grocery it’s likely that you’ll walk by someone who is concerned about or provides care for a spouse, parent or grandparent, or someone who has a family member in that role. Like you, they probably feel isolated and alone with their caregiving challenges. Read more →

Dear TY: Sometimes just having someone listen is useful, so I’m glad that the readers and I can do that for you. I hope that you'll gain some encouragement, as well. Read more →

Dear GD: I’m sorry about your tough situation. You consulted a specialist under the direction of your husband’s primary doctor and, rightly, expected a definitive answer. Unfortunately, the correct dementia diagnosis may take longer than expected. Read more →

Mom needs help with showering as well as cleaning, but she won’t even try assisted living because of her friend’s experience. How do we help her stay safe but not take away her independence? – MS Read more →

Dear LC: I’m happy to have another opportunity to sing the praises of community pharmacists. Doctors are required to stay on top of an enormous amount of ever-changing information so that they can offer the best advice to their patients. Most of them are also well-informed Read more →