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Research now reveals that AD begins years, if not decades, before the onset of noticeable symptoms. Genetic research and much more sophisticated medical science will no doubt make this an important and focused area of study as we march into the future, searching for a cure. But, for now, most of us will never know if we are in the earliest stages... Read more →

Dear TK: One of Egosan’s missions is to help bring awareness to the need for accommodations that would help people with all types of challenges and disabilities and that includes incontinence. Your letter is helping us do that. Read more →

Alcoholism in seniors is commonly overlooked or misdiagnosed by health care providers. Therefore, it is crucial for family caregivers to be aware of the signs of alcohol abuse in older adults. While dealing with an elderly alcoholic parent can be extremely challenging... Read more →

The first step, in my opinion, is that he join a support group. His doctor’s office should be able to direct him to a group close by or at least provide resources for finding one. An alternative, especially since he enjoys being on the computer, Read more →

This scene was the first time I began to practice what I was reflecting upon while writing “Wishes To Die For.” Particularly how to truly listen to another person’s heart through compassion instead of using a stethoscope... Read more →

...Now your parents both need help. Lots of help. Your kids still need you. Your spouse needs you. You feel like everyone wants a piece of you. You feel angry and that leads to guilt. Why does this feel so unfair? And where is the will to celebrate? What’s a caregiver to do? Read more →

I tried to be aware of the losses they felt as their bodies and minds betrayed them. Sometimes I failed at this, but nobody is perfect. I tried to be sensitive to the fact that they had few real choices they could make and allow the freedom to make their own decisions whenever possible. I tried to be as tactful as possible... Read more →

... Although it may become increasingly difficult or impossible to engage in two-way communication as we age, our desire for interpersonal connections remains. Read more →

Dear WL: I’m sure your support means the world to your sister. Being thought an impostor by her husband is devastating, of course, but his anger and threats of violence are also big concerns. First, suggest that she consider new medications, especially... Read more →

...He’s tried pads before, but the plastic makes them so hot that it’s caused skin infections. He's supported me through several surgeries, and I really want to help him with this. There’s got to be a better way. - LL Read more →