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Dear GH: Unfortunately, this is a common problem that families see, but it certainly doesn’t make it easier for us to witness. I’m sorry that you went through it. The same thing happened after surgery left my dad with... Read more →

“I underwent a radical prostatectomy in April 2015 at age 60. This was with the now old-fashioned open surgery because I had had bilateral hernia repair with plastic mesh in 2005 and that made use of robot-assisted Read more →

’s often true that the older we get, the more prescriptions we add to our medicine cabinets. And if you’re caring for a loved one who has trouble keeping track of these meds on their own, keeping them safe from the dangers of over-prescription can be bewildering. We asked for some guidance from geriatrician Leslie Kernisan, M.D... Read more →

Dad is now alone in this house. He gets even more "thrifty," and doesn't want anyone coming to mow the yard. He's a bit paranoid, and doesn't want to pay a housekeeper, so the place is filthy. Electrical outlets are old and overloaded. Plumbing barely works and doesn't get fixed. You try to help... Read more →

...Each time I visited and saw him in such an agitated state, I would hurry from his room back out into the hall to talk with his nurse, Sarita. Had the doctor been in yet? Had he seen Dad like this? Would he please help us get Dad on hospice? Read more →

She knows she’ll have to change pads frequently and she’s afraid of leaks and just overall embarrassment. She also knows that she won’t be able to shower often because I can’t go into the women’s room to help her, and with incontinence thorough cleanup is important to skin health. So, tell us... Read more →

Your dad makes me think of my neighbor, Joe, from whom I provided care over the years. He was older than your dad but was still determined to walk the mile to get downtown even in the winter. I offered to drive him, but no... Read more →

Distance becomes increasingly problematic as parents age and begin experiencing more difficulty with day-to-day tasks. Adult children try to keep tabs on things from afar, but they must travel to their parents to handle serious matters, such as hospitalizations and other emergencies. Even one last-minute trip can cause issues with work, childcare, pets and other responsibilities. When a parent begins needing regular assistance.... Read more →

The proper response will depend entirely on the sibling and the nature of the family relationship. Let’s look at a few examples and contemplate responses. Perhaps these can inspire other ideas for how to handle your unique circumstances. Read more →

Research now reveals that AD begins years, if not decades, before the onset of noticeable symptoms. Genetic research and much more sophisticated medical science will no doubt make this an important and focused area of study as we march into the future, searching for a cure. But, for now, most of us will never know if we are in the earliest stages... Read more →